DYM inc. offers computerized solutions for the home and the office which combine high performance, reliability, flexibility and security.

No matter how complex your project, DYM inc. professionals are highly qualified in the development of the architectural structure of your network as well as the installation of the required infrastructure and components.

Latest News
1. Internet
Use simultaneously, on a single telephone line multiple communication apparatus without disruption.
2. Home office
Share files, printer or scanner with other computers with an integrated network.
3. Home theater
Watch the latest movies and programs from any television in your home with your own in-house theater.
4. Home monitoring
Monitor activities inside or outside your home simply by tunning in the channel on your television to view the camera images.
5. Whole House Audio
Music lovers… Listen to your favourite music in any room of your house at any time.
6. Home Automation
Convenience and security… at your fingertips. Control heating and ventilation systems, lights and appliances, burglar alarm, etc. by remote control.
7. Surge protection
Avoid damages to your home electronics and appliances caused by electrical surges by chosing surge protecting devices for all household electronic equipment.
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